Pichest Boonthumme
Chiang mai, Thailand

I would like to take space here. To acknowledge the ancient teachers, my parents and Kruba Sri Wichai – patron saint of Chiangmai, who have made a significant contribution to my development as a bodyworker, healer and teachers.

First, I would like to thank you my parents for their contribution in my belief that there is more to life than meets the eye at first glance, my father give me the inspiration to study Thai massage, I already massage more than 25 years, I keep many experience until now I can help many people.
I am thankful for Kruba Sri Wichai who help me to have consciousness and make meditation.

My massage is more than just a form, I teach that to meditate, pray and listen deeply, I teach students to free yourself from guidance by mind and with proper techniques, follow your intuitive guidance, transmitted from all healers who have come befor you.
I also wish to thank all of the students I have had the honer to teach for the wisdom they have shared and the committment they have made toward helping themselves and other along THE PATH

Pichest Boonthumme

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